Reading and dating roman imperial coins

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Reading and dating roman imperial coins

But if you live in the USA or Australia, finding the coins you need can be hard and usually you must bring them from abroad or, if you buy them from a local market, pay a little bit more, because of their scarcity on the local market. In some cases, you cannot take out from some countries ancient coins or artifacts, because of the laws.

Moreover, in some countries, owning these coins is prohibited by law, with some exceptions.

Sometimes she is accompanied by her animal, an owl.

The goddess of fortune, Fortuna, is shown with a rudder and a cornucopia, a symbol of wealth.

Or maybe scenes with the emperor, in religious moments, like sacrificing before an altar, political ones, speaking in front of the troops (ADLOCVTIO AVGVSTI) or the Senate, or military ones.

The type of Consecratio, types minted for a dead emperor soon after his death, usually showing him carried away by an eagle or on an altar, are also an option.

You can also decide to collect the coins minted for the emperor’s wife, mother, daughter, father and so on.

Some people collect these emperors starting from ancient sources.

And the payment was made, of course, in precious metal.

But it is hard to find here bronze coins because these were hard to transport, a large number was necessary to make a big sum of money and also because these coins were subsidiary coinage, that means that you need a central authority that will guaranty it’s legal tender.

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First of all, a collection with all the nominal values.

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