Dealing with your ex wife dating

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Dealing with your ex wife dating

It’s possible that all stages may not be perceived right away, especially early on in the relationship.It’s not until you look back later can you clearly categorize some of their behaviors into these stages.The other day I emailed my Singles Meetup group because I thought the first two articles would be a good read for anyone who might have a obsessive ex, and also because I believe she might have been contacting the people in my group, as that has been a pattern of her behavior in the past.The first email I received was from a friend trying to warn me that people were going to judge me.

On an unconscious level, the Obsessor will test to see how much control they can have over the other persons life.

If children are involved, the Obsessor will begin to view them as an object to be used to reclaim power.

The Obsessor might use visitations to verbally attack their ex, and he or she might use the issue of custody as a way to maintain control over their ex.

Typically it is at this point that the victims friends and family and others will begin to recognize that the Obsessor is a serious problem.

At this stage, the Obsessor will do just about anything to reclaim power and control over their ex.

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The ex may not have the support of his or her friends, family and others; they will misinterpret the Obsessors behavior as having a broken heart and confuse it as “true love”; they will also think that the Obsessor will stop the behavior.

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