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It took seven to eight years to rebuild the temple in 1809 at a cost of Rs 30,000.

During the deity's bathing ceremony, an auspicious event, the seniormost priest is blindfolded before he takes out the wrapped and invisible toe relic to bathe it.If the visitor is able to extend the pilgrimage to the Kalighat Temple into a 3- to 4-day stay in the city, Kolkata's many other charms can be enjoyed as well.Kolkata is also a good base for day-trips to Dakshineshwar and Belur Math, Tarakeshwar, Tarapeeth, Mayapur-Navadvipa and Kamarpukur-Jairambati.Her ferocious power inspires awe and affection in equal measure and nowhere is this more obvious than in Kolkata.Sri Ramakrishna, one of her most famous devotees, saw her in every human being.

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Two flights of stairs from opposite sides lead up to the impressive natmandir where pilgrims sit in prayer or rest while children play around.

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